Who I am?

My name is AnWen, you can contact me via email or WhatsApp. For commercial advertising cooperation, product procurement, and brand promotion, please contact us via email: anwenqq2690502116@gmail.com, WhatsApp: +8618062443671

I am a technical worker engaged in search engine optimization. I am proficient in Google SEO technology and independent website construction. I have studied various search engine ranking technologies around the world, including Google, NAVER, yandex, bing, Baidu and Aol, etc.

Why did I build this WiFi IoT website?

This is because of my love for WiFi and IoT technology. Here I also provide Chinese IoT products, WiFi modules, and WiFi IoT products to global users.

What can I do?

I cooperate with Chinese IoT manufacturers, Chinese WiFi manufacturers and other smart product manufacturers to provide high-end smart products to global users.

The products of China’s WiFi IoT module manufacturers include IoT chips, memories, power amplifier devices, cellular communication modules, NB-IoT, WiFi modules, Bluetooth modules, LoRa, All-Netcom smart wifi routers, 4G router modules, intelligent monitoring equipment, high-speed Wireless router, dual-mode dual-band wireless gateway, ESP32, CC3000, ESP8266 WiFi module, mobile phone WiFi module, SDIO interface module, AP6181 single-band WiFi module, NFC module, ZigBee, EC-GSM, LTE Cat-m, Wi-Fi HaLow , WiFi IoT locks, radio frequency identification cards, smart watches and other products; at the same time, products such as WiFi PCB antenna circuits can be customized.

Wi-FiIoT.com is a technology R&D company focusing on WiFi IoT, Industrial IoT and smart cities, with a strong R&D background. We will continue to provide customers with communication/data/platform services, provide competitive products and solutions, insist on continuous innovation around customer needs, increase investment in basic research, accumulate accumulated experience, and help customers digitize.

The communication products provided by China WiFi IoT Company include edge computing gateways, industrial IoT hosts, WiFi6 APs, etc. It also provides privatized cloud platform customization services and IoT industry solutions.

Wi-FiIoT.com will take “truth-seeking/pragmatism/innovation” as its core values, insist on focusing on the main channel, be customer-centered, striver-oriented, and strive for long-term hard work. Starting from the spirit of altruism, maintaining an “open/cooperative/win-win” mentality, working with partners to develop industrial cluster benefits, establish a virtuous cycle of enterprise growth model, and build a digital world where everything is interconnected.

Main business: WiFi IoT, video gateway, data collection gateway, gateway customization, IoT gateway, IoT host, cloud platform customization, 5G gateway, WiFi6 AP, edge computing gateway, dynamic environment monitoring host, industrial intelligent gateway, etc.